We’ve arranged for a block of rooms at the University Hotel Minneapolis, a short distance from the Weisman Museum. We’ll be running a shuttle between the hotel and the museum on the night of the wedding to ensure everyone can get to and from the wedding safely. You can reserve a room in our block one of two ways:


  1. Visit the University Hotel website and click on "Book Now"
  2. Enter your dates of stay. We are holding rooms for September 21st & 22nd.
  3. Under Group Code, enter "092212FLAM" and click continue

By Phone

Call the hotel at (612) 379-8888 and tell them you’re with the Flamm/Healy wedding

Note: The rooms will only be held until August 23rd, so please make your reservations before then!

If you choose not to stay at the University Hotel, you might consider the Holiday Inn Metrodome, which is also walking distance from the Weisman Museum.

Never been to the Twin Cities? How fun this will be for you! Don’t worry, Minnesota isn’t freezing cold in September (at least, not usually...). The average high for September 22nd is 69 and the average low is 49, so we hope to have pleasant fall weather. Which will be perfect for...

Walking by the Mississippi River

Joanna and Matt spent a lot of time walking and driving down the River Road when they were first dating. Take a walk on either side of the river and get a dose of nature and historic architecture.

Walker Art Center and Sculpture Garden

The Walker is a world-class contemporary art museum with an amazing sculpture garden (Joanna and Matt took prom pictures there in 2002). An easy bus ride from the hotel.

Mill City Farmers Market and the Guthrie Theater

If you’re looking for something to do Saturday morning, check out the Mill City Farmers Market. Located on the river next to the world-renowned Guthrie Theater, the market runs from 8am to 1pm on Saturdays and features locally grown produce, meats, cheeses, flowers, and more. The indoor section is housed in part of the Mill City Museum, built in the ruins of what was once the world’s largest flour mill. An easy 40 minute walk or 20 minute bus ride from the hotel. If Joanna can get away with it, this is what she’ll be doing Saturday morning.

Alison Flamm, Sister of Honor

Alison is Joanna’s sister (Ali might be taller, but Joanna is older). Ali lives and works in NYC, and Joanna loves having her sister within a 40 minute subway ride. Joanna and Ali sound so similar that people often ask if they’re twins, which is ridiculous, because they have different hair. Ali lived in Nanjing, China for a year and was kind enough to babysit Joanna and Matt on their visit there, during which they were allowed to do precisely one thing on their own (buy groceries) and managed to screw it up. She is very patient.

Kate Knutson, Lady of Honor

Kate is Joanna’s best friend from middle school. In 7th grade, they wore matching overalls during Spirit Week and shared a crush on a boy who turned out to be gay. Junior year of high school, Kate called Joanna on a Sunday and said, “What do you think of Matt Healy?” When Matt hadn’t asked Joanna out within 48 hours, Kate told him to hurry up so that Joanna would start eating again. 10 years later, Kate has received her Masters of Theological Studies from Vanderbilt University, where her concentration was her own divine powers of matchmaking.

Stephen Haswell Todd, Gentleman of Honor

Joanna and Stephen have known each other since their moms met in Early Childhood Education classes. Stephen appears in the only extant home video of the Flamm sisters’ youth, in which he and Joanna can be heard singing a rousing rendition of “I’m Being Swallowed By A Boa Constrictor”. When Stephen couldn’t attend a party in high school, he made Joanna a puppet version of himself, bow tie included. Puppet Stephen has since moved with Joanna across the country and through several dorm rooms and apartments. Real Stephen remains in Chicago, where he filled his crisper drawer with dirt because Joanna heard it was a good way to store root vegetables.

Ben Healy, Brother of Honor

Ben is Matt’s brother. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife Atsuko, and teaches budding rock stars and jazz cats both young and old to play the piano. Matt has taken a few lessons from Ben as well, and once distinguished himself in a recital at Ben and Atsuko’s home, where he brought the average age of the performers up by a good five years. Living in New York together allows Ben and Matt to go on frequent bro dates, including bro-nches, bro-wling and bro-vies (sorry, that last one was weak).

Randy Phillips, Gentleman of Honor

Randy and Matt met on the baseball diamond, as little league teammates in Langford Park. From there, they both went on to illustrious sporting careers that carried them well into their adult lives. Just kidding, they spent most of their teenage years playing cards and eating Totino’s Pizza Rolls in their friends’ basements. Despite this busy social calendar, however, Randy found time in high school to co-star with Joanna and Matt in several dramatic productions at Highland Park and at the Illusion Theater in Minneapolis. In later years, the trio also collaborated on an epic and arduous Legomation project entitled Ye Olde Pirate Show, whose views on YouTube number in the tens.

Rafi Samuels-Schwartz, Gentleman of Honor

Between hours spent in the practice room perfecting Weezer covers with their high school band, months spent living together in the extremely close quarters of a UW-Madison dorm room, and many Sundays spent in Brooklyn following up brunch with ill-advised root beer floats, Matt had to do a bit of math to make sure he’s actually spent more time with Joanna than Rafi. Looks like the numbers work out right, but it was a close call. High points in Rafi and Matt’s friendship include talking their high school advisors into allowing them an “independent study” senior year, much of which time they spent rummaging for Prince records at neighborhood estate sales.

If you’re coming from out of town, you really don’t have to rent a car. The University Hotel is a 20 minute cab ride from the MSP airport, or one hour by a pretty easy combination of the Light Rail train and a bus. Here’s an adorable video about how to pay for Twin Cities public transportation.

Because the hotel is on the University campus, there are lots of great restaurants and bars within walking distance, and public transit can get you anywhere (yes, even to the Mall of America). So save yourself some $$ and don’t worry about driving.

If you’re getting us a gift, thank you! We have a traditional registry at Crate & Barrel, and we also registered with Deposit a Gift for help with some larger items, items we’ll need more time to select, and a few honeymoon experiences we’ll really enjoy.

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